Clean drinking water in Olosiva, Tanzania – august 2012

Poul Due Jensen Foundation at Grundfos has sponsored a large amount of money to two drinking water projects in the village Olosiva in Tanzania.
The projects were established in cooperation between the NGO organization New Life Outreach (NLO) and Need to Care International (NTC)

Olosiva is a village of more than 10,000 inhabitants, with a school and a kindergarten with 490 children and an orphanage home for girls.
The village lacked drinking water, through the years water has been transported here by trucks.
The NGO organization NLO had been asked by the village leadership in Olosiva, if the organization was able help the village upgrade their water supply, because when they are badly needed help get a solution concerning the lack of drinking water.
The village has in a few years more than doubled in population. There is not enough water in the village and people have to stand in line and wait for hours on drinking water.

In connection with the NLO and NTC’s cooperation about the establishment of two solar powered water projects to the village school, kindergarten and girl’s home, Benjamin from NTC visited the village in Tanzania in August 2012 in order to plan and also to experience the people’s need for drinking water.
On the school grounds an advanced tandem pump system put into the ground, the system is able to send alarms, flow and operating data via the mobile Internet.
The pumps filled the first two major 10.000 liters containers surprisingly fast with clean drinking water.

Also in the village, it was an indescribable joy to see the first water being downloaded 100 m out of the ground, when the power was connected to the pumps.
The good news about clean drinking water spread like wildfire in the village. In a short period of time there was a hopeful crowd, which had brought buckets and cans to collect the precious water from the pipe, even it had not yet connected properly.
It was great to share the joy with the villagers, who then returned home with buckets and cans with drinking water from the new borehole.
Now the water is available, however, the project is not yet finished with piping, solar and water tower. This effort is being made in the next few months.