Life-giving water in the taps, produced by the sun’s rays

Two drinking water projects with the latest technology has since 2012 increased hygiene for approximately 700 schoolchildren, and has remedied acute water shortages for about 10,000 residents in Olosiva. Now a third drinking water project has just been launched for NLO through Need To Care and again sponsored by Grundfos with 0.5 million DKK.

Previously, residents of the village had to walk many hours to the river, only to get water of poor quality. This was reality the first time I visited the village and the school.

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Clean drinking water in Olosiva, Tanzania.

The Poul Due Jensen Foundation at Grundfos has sponsored a large amount of money earmarked for two water projects in the village Olosiva in Tanzania.
The projects are established in cooperation between the NGO organization New Life Outreach (NLO) and Need to Care (NTC)
You can see new pictures and read articles, latest update 11. March, 2013

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Need to Care sent a transport to Romania on May 29th

Grundfos GBJ had sponsored a truck, so this time there was plenty of space and we sent hundreds of boxes and bags of clothes, kitchenware, toys, blankets and many other items.

It was also possible to send larger and heavy things, and there was, among other things sent bicycles, garden tools, refrigerators, furniture, a washing machine and other things, that normally do not fit in regular vans.


A big part of NTC’s work is supplying clothes and other things to people in need. This is an ongoing project, because the needs are enormous.
Many of the organization’s projects takes place in Romania.
The clothing is sorted and packed in boxes in Viborg and then sent to the warehouse in Apahida. From here it is distributed in cooperation with local partners.
When transports are sent abroad, there will always be a NTC’s employee on the location, and together with local partners, they ensure that it reaches the destination and is given out in the right places.

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School and education

The public school is free for everybody, there is no school fee and all teaching and classes are open for all children.
However, many children from poor families do not attend school. The parents do not have money for books, pencils, school bags, school clothes and therefore they do not send their children to school.
NTC wants to help these children. It can be done by giving the children clothes, school bags, etc., so that they have the things that are necessary to complete schooling.
Another way to help is to donate writing booklets and other school materials to a village school or a school class in collaboration with school teachers.

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Pata Rât

Pata Rât is a gypsy community a few kilometers outside the city of Cluj. About 750 people lives here.
They literally live in the landfill, where they live in simple shacks without water, electricity or heat, and they live here both summer and winter.

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